tacet - chat in privacy

The tacet is a USB device with integrated 433 MHz transceiver to chat in privacy. The tacet establsied a self-sustaining, ultra high frequency connection to your communication partner without using the internet or a mobile operator.

Chrip spreadspectrum modulation guarantees reliable long distance communiaction and is resident against signal disturbtions and survailance.

The tacet is designed to support ad-hoc tactical communictaion networks in alien territory, but also serves a wirless modem to connect Internet of Things.

The LoRa protocol stack embbeded on the Tacet tranceiver provides for low power consumption over long distance and long timeframes.

Multiple options of encryption of the link layer, the payload or the application layer make the tacet a high secure communication device.

The LoRa Gateway bridges local wireless communication into a backbone network and allows IoT Devices, sensor and wareables to connect to applications and central databases.

The transceiver operates in the ISM bands and receives 8 channels simultaneously, facilitates channel hopping and supports Class A, B and C devices.


LoRa Gateway

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